Sharon Valerii played by Grace Park (She Is Cylon Model Number 8.)

Number Eight is a female Cylon in Battlestar Galactica and is played by Grace Park. There are two main versions of Number Eight and these both have or have had central roles in the Colonial Fleet as pilots. These models were called Sharaon “Boomer” Valerii and Sharon “Athena” Agathon.

Sharon “Boomer” Valerii

Number Eight is one of the most common Cylon models shown in the TV series, along with model Six. One model, Sharon Valerii was a Cylon sleeper agent and was given false memories of a life with her parents in order to help her infiltrate the Colonial Fleet. At the start of the TV show, Valerii is romantically involved with Galen Tyrol even though this form of relationship is against the rules of the military.

     Valerii is programmed to perform various actions that damage the Colonial Fleet but will have no memory of these actions. At one stage in Series One (Series 1, Episode 8 – Flesh and Bone), Valerii asks Baltar to give her a blood test in order to find out if she is a Cylon or not. The test shows that she IS in fact a Cylon but Baltar lies in order to stop panic running through the Fleet. However, as time passes, Valerii notices that something is not right with her. She even tries to kill herself by shooting herself through the mouth, but her buried Cylon programming does not allow her to come to harm by her own hand.

            Valerii is sent on a mission to destroy a Cylon base ship (Kobols Last Gleaming, Series 1) by Commander Adama. Whilst she is on this mission, she meets other Number Eight models that look exactly like her. Even with this evidence, she refuses to accept that she is a Cylon. When Valerii returns to Galactica, her Cylon programming begins to work and she shoots Commander Adama in the chest which puts him into a coma. She is thrown in the brig and is questioned by Colonel Tigh, who is now in charge of Galactica.

            Galen Tyrol is thrown into the brig as well due to his relationship with Valerii. Baltar injects Galen with a posion that would stop his heart and refuses to give him an antidote until Valerii tells him how many other Cylons are hiding in the Fleet. She admits that there are 8 others.

            On the way to her trial for shooting Adama, Valerii herself is shot by Cally Henderson due to the fact that Cally is in love with Tyrol. Valerii dies from her injuries in Tyrols arms and the last thing she says is “I love you, Chief.”

            In a later episode (Downloaded, Series 2), it is revealed that Valerii has been downloaded into a new body. She does not adjust to the fact that she is a Cylon and tries to live on Caprica as she did during her old life. She does not like being treated like a Cylon even though she is reguarded as a hero by the other Cylons along with Caprica Six. These two Cylons have experienced love (Six with Baltar and Valerii with Tyrol) and this has changed their way of thinking. The pair try to persuade the other Cylons that peace with humans is possible. A Cylon model Three threaten to put their memories into storage as they are going against the Cylon way of thinking.

            Valerii is one of the Cylons that invade New Caprica and she appears to have adapted to her new life. However she still wishes to show that humans and Cylons can live together.

Sharon “Athena” Agathon

This version of Sharon is totally aware of who and what she is.  She is first shown alongside Karl “Helo” Agathon when he becomes stranded on Caprica just after the Cylon attack. She pretends to be Sharon Valerii and says that she came back to help him. Helo is unaware that Sharon Athena is actually part of a Cylon experiment to see if he will fall in love with her. Little did Sharon Athena know, she would end up falling in love with him in return.

            Helo finds out that Sharon Athena is a Cylon when he see’s another Number Eight. Sharon Athena managed to convince Helo that she loves him. She also tells him that she is pregnant with his child. This was big news as it was the first time that a Cylon had managed to become pregnant naturally with a human.

            Whilst still on Caprica, Sharon Athena and Helo find Kara Thrace. Kara realizes that Sharon is a Cylon and tried to kill her. Helo stops her and tells Kara that Sharon is pregnant. The trio then return to the Colonial Fleet.

            When Sharon Athena returns to the Fleet, there are many attempts to kill her. The first is by Lee Adama, who tried to shot her until Helo stops him. Laura Roslin tries to have Sharon Athena thrown out of an airlock but then Sharon bargins for her life using knowledge of the planet Kobol and the map to Earth.

            Whilst on Kobol, Sharon is reunited with the Galactica crew and this results in Adama trying to strangle her. Adama warms up towards slightly when Sharon Athena tells him of an attempt on his life by another member of the Kobol landing party. Sharon tells Adama: “I’m Sharon, but I’m a different Sharon. I know who I am. I don’t have any hidden protocols or programmes lying in wait to be activated. I make my own choices. I make my own decisions and I need you to know that this is my choice.” This makes no difference to Adama and Sharon Athena is put into prison when she returns to Galactica. She is treated as an enemy by all of the crew except Helo and Tyrol.

            Eventually Sharon Athena gives birth to a baby girl. This birth causes trouble between members of the military as they think the baby is an act against nature. As a result of this, Sharon Athena and Helo are told that their daughter died due to breathing difficulty but in reality, the baby is given to another women on the Colonial Fleet and the baby’s true nature as a Cylon-Human Hybrid is hidden from all, including the adoptive mother.

Kara Thrace played by Katee Sackhoff

Kara Thrace (callsign “Starbuck”) is a new, revised version of the original character from the 1978 Battlestar Galactica series. She is one of the main characters. She is played by Katee Sackhoff.

            The character of Starbuck changed dramtically over the run of the Battlestar Galactica series’. At the beginning of the show, Starbuck did not care about what would happen to her life, causing her to be ready to die for her wingmen. However, towards the end of the show, Starbuck is still ready to die but now she is ready to die due to her repect for all life.

            Before she joined the Colonial Fleet, Kara had wanted to be a professional ball player but a knee injury stopped this dream. She decided to join the military and found acceptance that she had not found at home where she was often abused. Kara was the first person in her face to become a commitioned officer in the military. Kara’s mother was never happy about her daughter carrer and said that Kara was wasting her talent for flying.

            Kara Thrace has many similarities between the original Starbuck. Both have large tempers, are considered to be the best Viper piolets in the Fleet, but they both have issues with recieving orders. Both enjoy gambling, drinking and casual sex. The original Starbuck (played by Dirk Benedict) was a clean, well-groomed ladies man whereas Katee Sackhoff plays a rugged, grimy Starbuck.

            Kara had a relationship with Adama’s son and Lee Adama’s brother, Zak. This relationship had caused tension between Kara and the Adama’s. Kara was a fligh instructor for the Colonial Fleet and Zak was one of her students. He said that he did not want any preferencial treatment but when he failed basic flight, Thrace passed him anyway. This cost Zak his life.

            When Kara Thrace met Zak’s father, William Adama, he realizes that her and Zak were engaged. As a result of this Adama took Starbuck into the Colonial Fleet as a Lieutenant. The death of his brother caused Lee to cut off all contact with his father William and Starbuck. Contact was not re-established until after the Cylon attack. William Adama loves Kara like a daughter despite her many flaws. However Starbuck has a very rocky relationship with Colonel Tigh.

Cylon Model Number 6 played by Tricia Helfer

Number Six is one of the Cylons who have human apperance. She is played by actress Tricia Helfer. There are Twelve known Cylon models and Six is one of the “significant seven”. There are many versions of this Cylon, including “Caprica Six”, who helped the original Cylon attack on the Colonies and also the Six that is in Baltars head. This Six helps Baltar to make decisions even if theses decisions are not what is best for the Colonial Fleet.

            Six is an expert in infiltation and this is due to her beauty and also her seductive and sometimes manipulative manner. She was the first Cylon shown in the re-imagined Battlestar Galactica and she was shown as being capable of blending in to human life easily.

            Cylons such as Six can keep their memories and experience even after they have died. This is due to the Cylon ability to download into a new body if their original has been destroyed. Cylon bodies are designed to be almost indistinguishable from an actual human. There are many Sixes in existance.

            Most Six models are able to show a range of human emotions. This includes love. “Caprica Six” fell in love with Dr Gaius Baltar even though she was meant to be carrying out a mission. Sixes also feel that they are above being given common jobs to do and they also dislike being treated as though they are easily replaceable.

            Most Sixes that are shown have wavy platinum blonde hair, including Caprica Six and Baltars Six. However, some have honey-blonde hair and one Six is shown to have black hair.

Cally Tyrol played by Nicki Clyne

            Cally works as a maintenance deckhand on Glacatica’s flight deck and is married to Chief Petty Officer Galen Tyrol.

            Cally joined the Colonial Fleet in order to help pay for Dentistry School and was about to leave the fleet. Then the Cylons attacked. The attack on the Twelve Colonies changed Callys plans and she had no choice but to stay as a member of the Galactica Crew.

            Cally works in the air maintenance crew on the Battlestar Galactica. The crew is run by Cheif Tyrol, who Cally is in love with even though he is in a relationship with Sharon “Boomer” Valerii. Cally is responsible for the repairs of Vipers, Raptors and sometimes Galactica itself.

            In Series 1, Episode 13, Cally is assigned to the Kobol landing party as part of the scout, along with Galen Tyrol, Vice President Gaius Baltar and Lt Crashdown and a group of others.

            On the mission, Cally is given an order that would most likely result in her death. This order is given by Lt Crashdown, the highest ranking officer at the time. Cally is too terrified to carry out this order so Lt Crashdown threatens to kill her, only to be killed himself by Gaius Baltar.

            After the return from Kobol, Cally returns to her normal job but is soon involved in the death of Sharon “Boomer” Valerii, who has recently been arrested after being discovered as a Cylon sleeper agent after she shot Admiral Adama. Cally shoots and kills the Cylon before there can be any trial. Cally is sent to prison but only for 30 days for the charge of “unauthorized discharge of a firearm”. When she is released, Cally is given a party by the other deckhands.

            Galen Tyrol and Cally begin a romantic relationship after Tyrol puts Cally in hospital Series 2 Episode 20. Cally finds the Chief asleep on the flight deck and ties to wake him up. He is so confused when he wakes up that he savagely beats Cally and breaks her jaw. When he visits her in hospital he says that what he did was “unforgivable”. Cally says that she does forgive him and also admits that she loves him.

            The Chief eventually returns Callys feelings. Yet, before this, Cally has a relationship with another deckhand and has become pregnant with his child. Tyrol surprises Cally by asking her to marry him. At the start of the next series, the fleet has settled on New Caprica and Cally and Tyrol are married and Cally has given birth to a boy, Nicholas. Tyrol believes that the child is his.

            On New Caprica , Cally is part of the Colonial Workers Alliance, a labor union founded by Galen Tyrol. However, when the Cylons occupy the planet, Callys dreams of a life on New Caprica are ruined. She is almost executed as a conspiritor but she is freed and returns to Galactica.

            Whilst Cally is back on Galactica, she struggles to juggle motherhood with her responsibilities as a deckhand and this puts pressure on her marriage. She also persuades Galen Tyrol to re-found the Colonial Workers Alliance and pushed him towards taking illegal action. This leads to her almost being executed on Admiral William Adama’s orders under the accusation of being a mutineer.

            The Tyrols try to save their marriage but these efforts fail, leaving Cally to care for Nicholas by herself. She becomes dependent on medication. This pressure was due to the fact that Cally discovered that her husband, Galen, is a Cylon. She attacked her husband with a wrench and tries to kill herself and her young son by decompressing one of the Viper launch tubes. She is stopped by Tory Foster, aide to Laura Roslin and also one of the Final Five Cylons. Tory managed to save baby Nicholas but flushed Cally into space. Everyone on Galactica assumes that she has committed suicide.

Tory Foster played by Rekha Sharma. (she is also one of the Final 5 Cylon Models)

 President Laura Roslin played by Mary McDonnell

Laura Roslin is the President of the Twelve Colonies and is one of the main characters. She is played by Mary McDonnell.

            Before the Cylon attack on the Colonies, Roslin is the Secretary of Education and the President at the time was Richard Adar. Roslin has worked with him for many years. The pair appear to have a romantic relationship as well as a professional one. The romantic relationship ends with Roslin manages to stop a large teachers strike. Adar demands that Roslin resigns saying that he intended to use force against the teachers as a way of imtimidating other unions on Caprica.

            Roslin refuses to resign and then leaves for a doctors appointment and the decommissioning ceremony for the Battlestar Galactica. During the doctors appointment, Roslin finds out that she has breast cancer and has only a year to live. Roslin attends the Galactica ceremony and when she is travelling back to Caprica, the Cylons attack the Colonies. Whilst the attack is happening, Roslin replies to the code “Case Orange” which is the Governmental emergency signal. Roslin responds to this and is told that she is the only surviving member of the Presidential line and is later sworn into The Office Of The President.

            The first action as President is to gather all “Faster-Than-Light” ships together and she also convinces Admiral Adama (Commander) to stop an attack on the Cylons. The pair reach an agreement, that Adama will lead the military and the fleet’s ships whilst Roslin will look after the civilian issues.

            For the first few months, Roslin is the only person in the goverenment and she issues orders on her own. Then she gives in to popular demand and establishes the Quorum of Twelve, the goverening body which consists of one member of each of the Twelve Colonies. During the first meeting of the Quorum, a member suggests that Roslin elects a Vice President. Roslin notices that Dr Baltar has gained popularity. When the vote for Vice President is 6-6, Roslin votes in Baltars favour.

            As the first series progressed, Roslin treats her cancer using a herbal drug, which causes her to have halusinations. These visions have startling coincidences to some of the prophecies of Kobol. Roslin begins to believe that she is a spiritual leader who will lead the people to the mythical planet of Earth. As a result of these beliefs, Roslin sends Starbuck to find the Arrow of Apollo which is mentioned in the scriptures as to helping show the way to Earth. This action causes anger from Adama who has Roslin thrown in the brig for messing around in military matters.

            Whilst Roslin is in prison, Adama is shot by Boomer and Colonel Tigh has taken charge of the Fleet. Roslin manages to escape with the help of Lee Adama and she convinces half of the Fleet to follow her cause rather than Admiral Adama. Adama tried to find her in order to reunite the Fleet. When Starbuck returns to the fleet with the Arrow of Apollo, it reveals clues to the location of Earth. Adama and Roslin reconcile again and Roslin is reinstated as President.

            By the end of the first series, Roslins character has developed from a quiet character to a ruthless and forceful leader who has authourised the killings of known Cylons by having them thrown out of an airlock.

 Anastasia Dualla played by Kandyse McClure

Anastasia Dualla is a fictional character from the 2004 television series Battlestar Galactica. She is played by Kandyse McClure.

            Dualla is from the planet Sagittaron and she joined the Colonial Fleet even though this was against her fathers wish. She still had not spoken to her father at the time of the Cylon attack. Dualla works in the Combat Information Centre on the Battlestar Galactica. She acts as the communtication between the ship and its combat fighters.

            Dualla has a romantic relationship with Billy Kiekeya who is assisstant to the President. This relationship came to an end when Billy asked Dualla to marry him but she realized she did not actually love him. Billy is killed soon after whilst on the ship “Cloud Nine”.

            A year passes and Duallas position is the Fleet has progressed considerable amounts. Dualla became involed in the rigged election which was meant to ensure that Laura Roslin was re-elected President. This plot was found out and stopped. Shortly after this, Dualla is promoted to a Lieutenant Junior. Dualla is transfered to the Battlestar Pegasus and she accepts a marriage proposal from Commander Lee Adama. When the Cylons invade new Caprica, she is an exectutive officer onboard Pegasus.

            After Pegasus was destroyed, Dualla returned to serve on board Galactica in Combat Information Centre. At this time, Dualla notices that Lee Adama has feelings for Kara Thrace and this causes tension between the two women. Later in Series 2, Lee admits his love for Kara again and the friendship between the pair is strengthened again.

            Dualla leaves her husband Lee after he helps Gaius Baltar during his trail. When Lee leaves Galactica, Dualla gives him a box of his military badges. They split on good terms and Dualla works with Lee whilst he is Acting President and during the work with the Cylons who are holding President Roslin hostage.

            When Earth is discovered, it was a wasteland that could not support human life. Dualla and Lee become a couple again and has a few days of happiness. Dualla wants this to be her last memory so commits suicide by shooting herself in the head. A photo of her and Lee is shown covered in blood.