Uhura played by Zoe Salanda

Nytoa Uhura is a character in the JJ Abrhams 2009 remake of the Star Trek film. She is played by Zoe Saldana.

            Uhura is first shown as a Cadet in the Star Fleet who specialises in Alien Communication. As the movie progressed, Uhura is promoted to to a Communications Officer. Uhura starts by showing a strong dislike towards Kirk due to the fact that he tried to flirt with her whilst he was drunk. However, by the end of the film, Uhura has come to have a great respect towards Kirk when he becomes captain of the USS Enterprise.

            Uhura is romantically involved with her former teacher, Spock although this is not clear at the start of the film. The relationship is first brought to light when Uhura demands that she be moved from the ship USS Farragut which was an attempt from Spock to not show favouritism. Uhura demands that she is moved to the Enterprise given the fact that she was the top student in her field of expertise. Spock see’s that she is right and gives into her and moves her to the Enterprise. This move saved Uhuras life because if she had remained on the Farragut, she would have been killed when the ship was destroyed.